Tutorial on Basic Concepts of C++ Program Part 2

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 iostream File:


  1. The Header File iostream should be included at the beginning of all Programs. 
  2. It contains declarations for the identifiers Cout , Cin and the << , >> Operators. 
  3. Some old versions of C++ use a Header File called iostream.h
  4. We should use iostream.h if the compiler does not support ANSI C++ Feature.
  5. If the compiler support ANSI C++ Feature then we use iostream .


 Some Header Files are :
  1. <time.h>  contains Function prototypes and types for manipulating the time and date. 
  2. <iomanip.h> contains functions prototypes for the Standard Input and Standard output Functions. 
  3. <iomanip.h> contains Function prototypes for the stream manipulators that enable formatting of streams of data. 
  4. <fstream.h> contains Function prototypes for that performs Input from Files on disk and output to File on disk.
New Header Files included in ANSI C++ : 
  1. <algorithm> contains Functions for manipulating data in the Standard Library containers
  2. <iterator> contains classes for manipulating data in the Standard Library containers. 
  3. <string> contains the definition of class string from the Standard Library.

Namespace :
  1. Namespace is a new concept introduced by the ANSI C++ standard commitee. 
  2. This defines a scope for the identifiers that are used in a program. 
  3. For using the identifiers defined in the namespace scope we must include the using directory.

 Using namespace std ;  

  • Here, std is the namespace where ANSI C++ standard class Libraries are defined. 
  • All the ANSI C++ Programs must include this directive. 
  • using and namespace are the New keywords of C++.

  • C++ introduces a new comment symbol // (double slash). 
  • Comments start with a double slash symbol and terminates at the end of the line. 
  • A comment may start anywhere in the Line. 
  • Note that There is no closing symbol. 
  • The double slash comment is basically a single line comment. Multi Line comments can be written as

  // Features of C++,
  // Important Concepts and  
  // Programming Functions . 

  • The C comment symbol   /*   */   are more suitable for Multi Line comment.

       Features of C++ , Important Concepts and   
       Programming Functions. 

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