Introduction of Basic Concepts of HTML Language

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HTML Stands for Hypertext Markup Language.
  • Hypertext: Text used to link a Web Page.
  • Markup: It means highlighting text either by underlining or displaying it in different colors or both.
  • Language: It refers to the way of communication between webpages , which has its own syntax and rules. 

HTML is a Language which is used for describing Web Pages. HTML uses Markup Tags to describe Web Pages.

  • HTML is a Markup Language.
  • Markup Language is a set of markup Tags.
  • Markup Tags also called HTML Tags.
  • HTML is not a Programming Language.
  • Markup Language designed for the presentation of text.
  • HTML is about Displaying Data.
  • HTML is not a Case Sensitive Language means uppercase and lowercase letters both have same meaning.
  • HTML tags are predefine.

 HTML Documents known as Web Pages. HTML Documents consist of
  1. Simple text (Plain Text) and 
  2. Markup Tags ( also known as HTML Tags).

  • WWW(World Wide Web) is Noting but a Vast Collection of HTML Files.
  • HTML Files simply Text Files (including HTML Tags) that can be easily read and understood by Human eyes. 
  • Web Browsers interpret HTML Files in order to Display Web Pages. This is the main Function of Web Browser. 
  • Whenever you use a Browser to veiw Page on World Wide Web, the Browser had converted that Web Page from an HTML File.

  • The First Version was HTML 2.0 . It includes elements like Bold, italics etc. It did not support Tables or ALIGN attributes.

  • HTML3 was developed in 1995.
  • HTML 3.2 was next Offical Version support for TABLES, IMAGES , HEADING and other elements that is ALIGN attributes etc. Missing some of the Netscape/Microsoft extensions such as FRAMES , ENBED , APPLET.
  • HTML4.1 is Current Official Standard Version. It supports some extra Features that is Cascaded Style sheets(CSS) ,extra TABLES, FORM and Javascript.

  1. It is easy to understand and can be easily modified.
  2. It provides a flexible way to design the webpage alon with the text.
  3. HTML documents can be displayed on any platform such as UNIX etc.
  4. Effective Presentation can be made with all formatting effects.
  5. Videos,Graphics,Sound can also be used to give attractive look to the Web Pages.
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