Difference Between OOP and POP

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Difference Between OOP and POP


  • Top down approach in program design.
  • Bottom up approach in program design.
  • No access specifiers are used. Example: In structure all the members are public.
  • Public,Private,protected Access specifiers are used. Example:In class Data is Private and Functions are public.
  • Larger programs are divided into Functions.
  • Larger programs are divided into entites known as objects.
  • Most of the Functions share global data means data move openly around the system from one Function to another Function.
  • Data is private and Functions inside class can only access the private data.
  • Example of POP is C, FORTRAN.
  • Example of OOP is C++.
  • In POP operator can not be overloaded.
  • In OOP operator can be overloaded by using the concept of operator overloading.
  • Emphasis on doing algorithm means importance is given to the sequence of things to be done i.e algorithm.
  • Importance is given to the data.
  • Objects are very difficult to add in POP.
  • Objects ( i.e data and Functions ) are very easy to add at any time whenever necessary.
  • Procedural in nature.
  • Non-Procedural in nature.

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