History of C++ Programming Language

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C++ is an object oriented programming(OOP) language. It was developed by BJARNE STROUSTRUP in 1980 at AT AND T BELLS laboratory in Murray Hills, New Jersey,USA.
STROUSTRUP, strong supporter of C as well as an admire of Simula 67,wanted to combine the best features of both the languges and create a more powerful language that could support object oriented programming features and still retain power of c .
The result was C++. Therefore C++ is an extension of C with a major addition of simula67 concept i.e class. Its initial name is C with classes.

However in 1983 ,the name was changed to C++. As the name indicates c++ means incremented version of c. It contains features of c as well as some new additional features. In 1990 the language underwent a number of changes and improvements. In november 1997, the ANSI/ISO standards committee standardised these changes and added several new features to the language specifications. C++ is superset of c.

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